Getting Our Kids and Teens to Open Up

Let me explain to you that I’m a mother as well as an Educator. Working with kids and teenagers can be very stressful and encouraging at the same time. I can honestly admit that there is never a dull moment when an adult is around kids. I work at an Alternative School and see these kids who come in here could really break your heart.

Please don’t be fool because some of these kid and teens have felony charges and other charges that are unbelievable I’ve tried to search the why’s and how’s about these kids and the element that they all have in common is that they are young. Most have had negative experiences and hung around the wrong people. Sometimes the wrong people are their flesh and blood and that’s scary. What I find most that helps is when caring adults share some of their experiences and informs the kid that it is OK to make mistakes just don’t allow the mistake to cause you to have some criminal consequences behind it.

As an educator and parent there are some kids that you can help but from my own personal experiences there are some you just can’t. Those are the ones who want to learn the lesson the hard way. We can’t give up on our youth but we can’t be afraid of them either. We must still try to empower and engage them in order for them to do and be better. In my own household of 5 kids some will listen and others didn’t and because of that removal was imparted upon them due to disrespect.

Yes, we must show love but we must always show that there will be consequences for your behavior if its out of compliance.. Kids and teens will open up when we will open up to them and be honest about what we did or have done. Most parents act like they have forgotten when they were young. I truly understand because some of us where some horrible teenagers and we don’t want to be reminded of that. Some of us where good and we probably can’t identify with out kids who may be experiencing some difficulty. Let’s start having open dialogue without judging just discussing with our kids and teens.

Arnetta Murray is at Teacher, Educator, and Children’s Choir Director at Windsor Village UMC. Currently she’s working on a couple of projects. What she enjoys mostly is spending time with her 5 kids and watching them play football and basketball at their perspective schools. Secondly, I love writing music and working out when I have the change.

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